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ArticlesNMantra Products are 98-99% Organic/Natural

The term Organic / Natural is used very often with respect to Skin Care, Hair care products. Lot of times its not clear or kind of confusing if the product is really organic/natural in its true sense.

What makes a Product Organic/Natural?

Any Skincare/Hair care product made is defined by the list of ingredients and the kind of ingredients use. The kind of ingredients used, generally give a sense of how easy they will be on the skin, how safe, effective and the possible effects of using them on one’s skin. Especially for using on children, or adults with sensitive skin.

What makes NMantra Products 98 to 99% Organic/Natural

All ingredients used

  • Natural Ingredients
  • USDA Certified Organic Oils
  • Plant based Extracts
  • Pure Essential Oils

NMantra does not use any Petroleum, Parabens, Toxic Chemicals in any of its products. Great deal of Research goes in defining formulations that use only Organic/Natural ingredients while ensuring safety and efficacy of the products.


All ingredients used are

  • Natural Ingredients
  • USDA Certified Organic Oils
  • Plant based Extracts
  • Pure Essential Oils


What about the other 2 to 1% that is not Organic/Natural?

The other two percent of ingredients that are not Natural/Organic are the following

  • Eco-Cert Preservatives
  • Plant based Emulsifiers

Even for the above two categories, at NMantra we use only Eco-certified Preservatives & Plant based emulsifiers (Emulsifiers are used to bring together oils & water together)

Do we have any Organic/Natural Certifications?

At this time, we do not have any Organic certifications for our products. We intend to get the certifications in future. We believe the quality and effectiveness of NMantra products speak for themselves.


  • Aarti K

    Hi, very useful information. However have a question. Isnt Potassium Hydroxide a chemical? why do you use it? Thanks

    • NMantra Blogs

      Hi Ms Aarti, yes, Potassium Hydroxide is a chemical. It is used to balance the pH.

      However, please note
      a) The final product will NOT have any Potassium Hydroxide as it will be neutralized by other ingredients in the process of making the product. So technically its not in the product even though it is used.
      b) Very negligible quantity is used
      c) Further its much safer than, other ingredients used for a similar purpose- for example Triethanolamine which is a carcinogenic in nature

      NMantra Blogs

  • Sireesha

    Like all your products!

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